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Curve Toolkit v1.0#

What does it do#

The Curve Toolkit offers several functions to support and streamline your workflow with curves in Maya.




  • Maya 2017

  • Maya 2018

  • Maya 2019

  • Maya 2020


  1. Copy to :






  2. Launch / Restart Maya

  3. In Maya, open a Python Tab in the Script Editor and execute :

    import CurveToolkit as CrvTK


    Please make sure that there are no Space characters in front of the code lines.

Video Overview#

Tool Menu#


The Tool menu is located in the top right corner of the toolkit.

  • Up arrow closes all tabs

  • Down arrow opens all tabs

  • Stack icon opens a new window with information about the tool



Helps to inspect curves.

  1. With a single curve selected, Get Curve(s) lists the:

    • Length of the curve
    • CV count
    • Span count
    • Degree count
  2. With multiple curves selected, Get Curve(s) lists the length of the Shortest and the Longest curve.

    • Use the little S buttons to select the respective curve.


Use R next to the Get Curves(s) button to reset the analysis tab.

Utility Box#

  1. Pivot To Curve Origin sets the Pivot of every selected curve to their origin.

  2. Snap Curve Origin To Surface snaps selected curves to the closest point on a specified surface.

    • First select your curves
    • then Shift select the surface you want to snap to
  3. Reverse Curve Direction reverses the direction for every selected curve.

Select Point Range#


Select a specific point range on one or multiple curves.



When the range is higher than the curves point amount, the curve will be ignored.

  1. Enter a start and end point
  2. Select curve(s)
  3. Click on the Select button to run the script

Rebuild Curve#

  1. Rebuild curves based on their length.

    • Works in conjunction with the Analysis tab
    • Select all your curves and get the length of the shortest curve with the Get Curve(s) function
    • Set the Division value accordingly
    • When all is set, select all curves and click Rebuild By Length
  2. Open Rebuild Tool is a shortcut to Maya's internal tool



Converts curves to geometry.


  1. Choose an Output type:

    • Nurbs

    • Polygon

  2. Section defines the circular subdivision amount.

  3. Radius specifies the size of the profile.

  4. Taper defines if the extrusion becomes smaller towards the end point.

  5. Extrude Curve(s) converts curves to Nurbs or Polygons and groups the created objects.


To optimise the height subdivisions of your object, rebuild the curve(s) before using the Extruder.